1. 48 Hours spends two days in Las Vegas to explore the world of glitzy world of gambling. It takes a in depth look at the the ubiquity of gaming opportunities, gambling addiction, and cheating in casinos. It also interviews Vegas entertainers, showgirls and some of the youth of the city.
  2. With so much to see, and people watching galore, you won’t get bored even if you manage to walk just a few blocks. A good starting point is the world famous “Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada” sign that was created in Take your photo in front of this icon which is located near Mandalay Bay on Las Vegas Boulevard. BEWARE!
  3. Dec 03,  · Before your 48 hours in Vegas wrap up and you head to the airport for your journey back home, make sure to snap a few photos by the famous Las Vegas sign. The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is located at South Las Vegas Boulevard and has been a local landmark for orehcasimarmararynguricepo.infoinfo: Alyssa Ochs.
  4. May 30,  · totally random and not very cohesive footage of my somewhat coherent weekend in las vegas. kidding, we didn't go too crazy. more vlogs! orehcasimarmararynguricepo.infoinfo Lucy, Shelby, and I .
  5. Jun 01,  · The Las Vegas Edition of the Int’l 48 Hour Film Project Is Back — Filmmakers Write, Shoot and Edit a Minute Film in Just 48 Hours. People of .
  6. Remarks about Las Vegas's past evoke a dream in which Danny, Mike and the girls arrive in at the Jubilee, the later Montecito, with new boss Ed, a mobster. They not only take over but invent the modern all-in-one-site entertainment formula, combining casino elements gambling, hotel, restaurants and shops, in the process inventing their.
  7. Jan 09,  · Tag along on a 48 hour journey through Las Vegas. Including flying into Las Vegas, arriving at the Palazzo Hotel, tour of the Prestige Level at the Palazzo, exploring the Wynn Las Vegas .
  8. The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie - write, shoot and edit it - in just 48 hours!!

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