1. On a standard front wheel all spokes (both left and right) should (in theory) make the same musical note when plucked. A rear wheel is 'dished' to make room for the cassette. The non-drive side spokes will be at a lower tension (and pitch) than the cassette side. If you can find a bike with the same spokes and lacing pattern use that as a guide.
  2. I use this spreadsheet in the last step of a wheel build. It converts spoke tension measurements from a Park Spoke Tension Meter into kilograms force (Kgf) and checks for tensions that are outside specified limits in absolute tension and variance in tension between spokes. The tension limits can be edited. The defaults are limits suggestion in the book The Art of Wheelbuilding by Gerd Schraner.
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  4. Apr 26,  · Road tubeless and spoke tension. This first experiment shows that the spoke tension drops by about 70 N on the higher tension side of the wheel, regardless of whether a tubeless tyre or a clincher is fitted. The problem is clearly the tyre, not whether it has an inner tube or not. The low tension side of the wheel shows a more significant.
  5. Feb 04,  · Still that is still a LOT of tension. Even the 90kg "low" figure is pounds of tension on each spoke. That's enough tension (~ pounds) on a 32 spoke wheel to lift a Hummer SUV off the ground and dangle it on the ends of your spokes. Kind of a fun visual, and gives you a little respect for your hub and rim.
  6. Tension Balancing and Relative Spoke Tension. Relative tension is the tension of a spoke in comparison to the tension of one or more other spokes. A wheel with spokes that are within plus or minus 20% of the wheel’s average spoke tension is generally considered to have acceptable relative tension.
  7. Check spoke tension on a wheel which is reasonably true. On a radially-spoked wheel or one whose spokes are not laced, you can pluck one spoke at a time. If spokes are laced, pluck them where they cross. You will then be listening to the sound of two spokes at once. If the tension of two laced spokes is very different, you will hear a dull thud.
  8. Mar 05,  · In this video, we’ll learn how to properly tension the spokes in a wheel. Spoke tension is important to ensure your wheels are strong, reliable and long lasting.

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